V. Luckaus posovietinių fotografijų paroda Toronte, Balandžio m.


Lietuvio fotografo Vito Luckaus (1943-1987) fotografijų paroda šį pavasarį ir vėl sugrįžo į galeriją Toronte, Mirwish Village (588 Markham Str).

Pirmoji Š. Amerikoje V. Luckaus kūrybos paroda-pardavimas „Prince of Obscurity” veiks iki balandžio 30 d.

Parodą galima aplankyti trečiadieniais – sekmadieniais, 12-8 v.v. Balandžio 23 d. 2-5 v.p.p. susitikime su parodos lankytojais ketina dalyvauti T. Luckienė-Aldag – Luckaus našlė.

Work of Soviet-Era Photographer Vitas Luckus on Display This Month in Toronto

The work of Lithuanian photographer Vitas Luckus is on display in „Vitas Luckus: The Prince of Obscurity” at Charlotte Hale & Associates until April 30.

Still relatively unknown in North America, Vitas Luckus (1943-87) was a Soviet-era photographer whose work challenged convention.

“He didn’t subscribe to the party line about what to photograph. He was one of the most compelling photographers at a time when [Lithuania] was still under Soviet rule,” said Charlotte Hale, whose eponymous gallery on Markham Street in Mirvish Village is mounting an exhibition of Luckus’s work. “His portraits are of the common man in common situations. You could tell he had a way of making people feel comfortable.”

She first discovered the “rebel” photographer when she was a young artist herself, and was drawn to his exquisite style of composition.

“It’s so exciting for me. This exhibition is a labour of love and the result of many, many years of work,” said Hale, who is working with Luckus’s widow, Tanya Luckiene-Aldag, on bringing more prominence to the photographer’s work. Luckiene-Aldag will be in Toronto for the Hop, which will also mark the first time that limited edition Luckus prints will be available for sale in North America.

More information on the exhibit can be found at: chaleandassociates.com