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Lithuania reduces alcohol consumption

Lithuania is among the top five countries that have reduced alcohol consumption the most over five years, according to the latest figures from the World Health Organization (WHO). Lithuania cut alcohol consumption by 17% between 2015 and 2019, or by almost by three litres per person, said Renaldas Ciuzas, director of the Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Control Department. Although the change is positive, he noted “Lithuania still has room for improvement, because we are still two litres above the EU average. Lithuanians consumed about 15.4 litres of pure alcohol per person in 2015 and 12.8 litres in 2019 – 35% more than the EU average. 

COVID Surge 

Lithuania has moved into the worst “black” zone under the colour-based national classification system, meaning that the 14-day infection count per 100,000 people has risen above 500 and is now at 569.5. As of September 24, there were 1,464 new coronavirus infections and 14 deaths from Covid-19 over 24 hours. Eleven fatalities were either not vaccinated or only partially vaccinated.

Overall, 322,700 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in Lithuania since the start of the pandemic, including 13,715 active cases. A total of 4,885 people have died from Covid-19 in Lithuania so far, including 90 fully-vaccinated persons. A total of 61.6% of Lithuanians have had a first dose, and 57.1% have been vaccinated with the second dose.

As Lithuanian government mulls reintroducing national quarantine amid growing coronavirus infections, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė says there are no plans to restrict economic activities. Government institutions in Lithuania are still considering whether a quarantine has to be introduced in the country in order to decree mandatory mask-wearing. Under current rules, people with immunity are recommended, but not required, to wear facemasks in indoor public places.