Time Capsule from Old Lithuanian Church


More than two decades after permanently closing its doors due to toxic mold, the Lithuanian St. Mary of Vilna Church in Archbald, Pennsylvania, was demolished last week. During the demolition, workers discovered a time capsule from 1915. The small tin canister, which was found after removing the cornerstone of the building, contained a letter and a photo of a man believed to be the church’s pastor at the time, writes The Times-Tribune of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Written in neat cursive, the letter to the future generations is well-preserved, although it is torn and discoloured in some places. The letter is dated to November 17, 1915, and the discernible words show that it is written in Lithuanian. The local pastor, Ryan Glenn, told The Times-Tribune that the letter is being interpreted to see what it says.

St Mary of Vilna Church was first built in 1901 but burned down in 1914. The rebuilt church was plagued by moisture and drainage issues. It shut its doors in the spring of 2001, and it was decided a year later that the closure would be permanent.