Time to Register for Voting in the Referendum and Presidential elections

We kindly invite you to register and actively participate in the May 12th Referendum on the Retention of Citizenship and the Presidential elections.

Voters registered to vote in the Presidential elections will be deemed to have registered to vote in the referendum. A possible re-vote in the Presidential elections will take place on May 26.

Registration deadline for voting in Canada is April 26, 2024. You can register to vote in the referendum and elections abroad here – https://www.rinkejopuslapis.lt/

In Canada, you can vote at the embassy in Ottawa, at an additional polling station in Toronto or by post. Registration for the elections and the referendum is compulsory, even if you have registered for the previous elections. Those planning to vote in Toronto (polling station will be set only for May 12) should choose „will vote at the embassy in Ottawa“ and for the rest of elections – „will vote by post“.

For more information on the forthcoming elections please visit http://urm.lt/referendumas/balsavimas (in Lithuanian only). For sample ballot paper, please see the following publications published in English and Lithuanian:

In Lithuanian: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1thgUw1YIxbMFp_jqrAFQt7o7k0IyT4Hd

In English: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uxbwi-PXWYriqtiIpV_nqwL3rjOvifc8

Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to Canada Inf.