Join the Olympic Centennial 


Exactly 100 years ago, when Lithuanian athletes first competed in the Olympic Games, the country became part of the Olympic family. To commemorate this extraordinary occasion – the centenary of the Olympic Movement in Lithuania – the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania (LTOK) invites Lithuanians around the world to join the “Olympic Movement 100th Anniversary Walking Challenge,” organized together with the sustainable mobility platform and the mobile app “Walk15.”

“The Olympic movement in Lithuania began with its debut at the Olympic Games, but this movement is much more than just the games. It is a philosophy of life, where a better world is created through sports. That is why, in celebrating the centenary of the Olympic Movement in Lithuania, we want to encourage everyone to move. And you don’t have to embark on hikes for this challenge – each of us can gradually incorporate movement into our daily lives, for example, by walking to the store instead of driving,” said LTOK president and Olympic champion Daina Gudzinevičiūtė.

Since the debut in Paris over 100 years ago, Lithuanian athletes have competed in a total of 27 sports disciplines at the Olympic Games – 22 summer and 5 winter sports. This upcoming summer, at the Paris Olympic Games, Lithuania will make its “Lithuanian” debut in the 28th sport – breakdancing.

Each participant joining the “Olympic Movement 100th Anniversary Walking Challenge” through the “#walk15” app will not only collect steps personally but will also represent one of these 28 sports disciplines.

“Our global app, ‘#walk15,’ invites Lithuanians from around the world and fans of our country to join the Olympic Movement 100th Anniversary Steps Challenge. Our collective goal is to walk around the Earth 100 times and thus spread the message about Lithuania’s sports talents. We have much to be proud of! All you need to do is join the challenge, choose your favorite sport, and step towards victory,” says Vlada Musvydaitė-Vilčiauskė, the founder and CEO of the sustainable mobility platform and mobile app “Walk15.”

All participants who accumulate this total of steps will receive a virtual diploma with congratulations from LTOK President and Olympic champion D. Gudzinevičiūtė.

To join the “Olympic Movement 100th Anniversary Steps Challenge,” all you need to do is download the free walking app “#walk15” to your smartphone. This can be done from the App Store or Google Play.

More than 7,500 participants have already joined. The official start was on February 29, but those willing to join can do so throughout the challenge.

The World Lithuanian Community (PLB) has also joined the initiative.”The Lithuanian National Olympic Committee has been and remains the guiding star for our country’s sports, illuminating the path from the banks of the Nemunas to Olympic heights. The World Lithuanian Community, which today unites 55 Lithuanian communities from various countries, supports the Olympic Movement’s 100th Anniversary Walk Challenge in Lithuania and joins the  initiative – we already have registered members from the USA, the United Kingdom, and Ireland,” said Laurynas Misevičius, chairman of the PLB Sports Commission.

He added that ultra-marathon runner Aidas Ardzijauskas would also join this initiative. In 2020, he ran around the world, previously covering the distance from Los Angeles to New York, and in 2018, for the centenary of Lithuania’s Independence, he ran from Dakar to Vilnius.

The challenge will last for 100 days. It’s possible to join and participate until June 7th, and awards for the top 50 most active participants will be presented on June 8th during the Olympic Day celebrations in Šiauliai.