See the Folk Dance Festival in Argentina

Berisso is an international port in Argentina, and it’s waiting for visitors to the Lithuanian Folk Dance festival Waves on the Nemunas (“Ten, kur Nemunas banguoja”) on Saturday, December 17th. Lithuanians throughout the world will be able to see this special event online!

The Communications Department of the municipality of Berisso will be filming and broadcasting the festival through its official YouTube channel. Anyone wishing to share the event through their own channels are invited to contact the organizers.
Over 400 dancers from Argentina, Uruguay, USA, Sweden, Canada and Lithuania will be participating with dance groups from other ethnic communities in a presentation of Berisso’s diversity.

Festival Organizers Meet in Berisso

Organizers of the Lithuanian festival, Alfredo Dulke and Juan Ignacio Fourment Kalvelis, were invited to a meeting with Director Florencia Saintout of the Buenos Aires Province Cultural Institute and Berisso Municipality Secretary Aldana Iovanovich. The Director expressed support for the Lithuanian community, and the municipality of Berisso has confirmed the Lithuanian festival as a part of its heritage, as did the province of Buenos Aires.

Information on the festival is available on YouTube: and Facebook: as well as the website
We welcome everyone to the festival in Berisso on Saturday, December 17!

  “Nemunas”, the Lithuanian Association of Argentina