Lithuania has One of 25 of the Best Clubs in Europe – Chosen by the Experts


guardianFrom Tiga to Trojan Sound System, Hot Since 82 to Kate Simko, we asked top DJs, label managers and promoters to tell us about their favourite places to party in mainland Europe – because if anyone knows about clubbing it’s this lot.



Fluxus Ministerija, Lithuania

We once played a show in Lithuania in a space called called Fluxus Ministerija. It was an old shoe factory and felt like a squat party, but with about 10,000 people, loads of weird art installations and AV projections. You would walk through one entire section of the building, about the size of Fabric in London, then arrive in a massive hall with totally different music and people. It went on until about 5pm the following day. There were loads of crazy installations and sculptures, and a massive staircase that led to a tower, where some kind of poetry seance was going on. It didn’t have the sinister feeling you sometimes get at squat parties in the UK.

The idea was to create a space or event that celebrated the Fluxus art movement: founding artist Jurgis Mačiūnas was Lithuanian. After our soundcheck we met one of the stage crew, who told us that Lithuania was full of these sort of spaces, but that hardly any of them are used. I would love to go there again.
Chosen by Breton

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