European Parliament Renews Resolution

European Parliament (

Bans on Russian fuel, media outlets

On April 7, the European Parliament voted in favour of a resolution once again condemning the unprovoked and illegal Russian military aggression in Ukraine and urging a complete embargo on Russian oil, coal, nuclear fuel and natural gas imports, as well as increasing the provision of weapons to Ukraine and granting it EU candidate status. One of the authors of the resolution, EP member Andrius Kubilius noted that most important now is weaponry for Ukraine and an embargo on Russian natural resources. The majority of EU parliamentarians understand this and are in accord.

All EU institutions are urged to take any and all actions to ensure that Vladimir Putin and Aleksandr Lukašenka be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Members of the EP emphasized that continued military support for Ukraine is a priority.

Besides a full fuel embargo against Russia, EU parliamentarians reiterated the importance of removing Russian banks from the SWIFT system and forbidding any Russian-registered, Russian-owned ships, charters or any vessels flying the Russian flag to enter EU waters or dock in EU ports. Secondary sanctions must be applied to any subjects helping Russia or Belarus avoid current sanctions.

EU leaders and heads of other countries must ban Russia from the G20 and other cooperative organizations, for example the UN Human Rights Council, Interpol, WTO, UNESCO and others.

In addition, the European Parliament recognizes that Russian disinformation is a distinct element of its war on Ukraine, therefore all of its national channels used for disseminating propaganda must be blocked.