100 Years of Basketball


On April 23, 2022, Lithuania will celebrate the 100th anniversary of bastketball, the nation’s favourite sport. For this momentous occasion, a commemorative medal has been created by the firm “Monetų namai”. The Lithuanian Basketball Federation coordinated the project, and the medal was produced by the Lithuanian Mint.

100 Years of Basketball in Lithuania – a New Medal to mark the event

The first official basketball competition in Lithuania took place on April 23, 1922, when the Kaunas all-star team played against the Lithuanian Physical Education Association’s team, leading to many victories in various championships. Basketball became Lithuania’s second religion.

It is said that basketball in Lithuania is more than a sport – it is a phenomenon, an experience of like-mindedness and unity, and as a team sport reminds people that “we are strong when we work together”. President of the Lithuanian Basketball Federation Vydas Gedvilas is inviting everyone to celebrate basketball and this special anniversary.

The front face of the medal shows the new logo created for the 100th anniversary, edged in oak branches, the symbol of champions. On the reverse is an action shot of a moment in a game, with the city symbols of Vilnius and Kaunas and their arenas in the background.

The design was created by Antanas Pocevičius. Several versions of the nearly 4- centimetre medal will be available for fans through Monetų namai in metal (30,000), gold-plated metal (10,000) and silver (1000).