Weather Working Wonders

Ice pancakes in Lithuanian rivers

Cold weather has painted a wintry scenery in Lithuania, and ice “pancakes” have formed in the country’s rivers this week. This year, cold weather reached Lithuania at the very beginning of December. According to Lithuanian meteorologists, the coldest night so far has been recorded in the northern Lithuanian town of Akmenė, where the temperature dropped to 20.6 degrees below zero on December 8.

With temperatures well below zero, the ice started forming on Lithuanian lakes and rivers, including Neris in the capital Vilnius. The Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service has shared pictures of pancake-like chunks of ice that formed on the Šušvė river in central Lithuania.
“Such disks form when a broken-off piece of ice, snow, or other object hits a relatively calm river stream with a current which is spinning slowly. Such currents gradually smooth the ice, making it rounder, while layer after layer, new ice is added, taking a nice round shape,” the service wrote on Facebook.

Similar yet different: in Canada in late November, thousands of frozen spheres covered the surface of Lake Manitoba in a rare weather phenomenon.

Frozen spheres on Lake Manitoba