Highlights from 5 years of expeditions to map them all


Augustinas Žemaitis and Aistė Žemaitienė visited over 700 Lithuanian heritage sites in USA and Canada. They mapped every every Lithuanian church (including those that had been closed), Lithuanian cemetery, Lithuanian monument, Lithuanian club, and location named after Lithuanians, and more.

They photographed and filmed every site, as well as recording their stories as they were told to them by local Lithuanian Americans and Canadians. Over the course of 5 years and 4 expeditions, they drove 20,000 miles to achieve this goal and met over 1000 people who safeguard Lithuanian heritage in North America.

The results of all this work are available online, in both English and Lithuanian. http://global.truelithuania.com is their encyclopedia of Lithuanian heritage sites (covering 30 states and 40 countries)

http://map.truelithuania.com is their “Destination Lithuanian America“ interactive map where every Lithuanian site in the USA and Canada is marked.

This year Augustinas and Aistė came from Lithuania to the USA once again. They will visit the Edmonton Lithuanian House on July 23rd at 3 p.m. to share their most interesting stories from 5 years of their quest to discover Lithuania in America. They will also present more than 100 images of themost beautiful Lithuanian sites in North America.