Snaigė Šileika at Vilnius City Hall


Toronto artist Snaigė Šileika launched her exhibition at Vilnius City Hall on July 1 – Canada Day. Sponsored by the Embassy of Canada to Lithuania, and curated by Regina Urbonienė, the exhibition is a retrospective encompassing four decades of work in an ensemble of four series.

Expressway, first shown in Vilnius in 1987, is a collection of lithographs reflecting impressions of urban space and lifestyle as perceived in her home city after living in Paris. The drypoints and paintings of In Place and Fallow Fields explore the relationship  between nature and humanity, and various plant forms are markers of seasons and time passing – the ebb and flow of life itself. Finally Wayside encircles the viewer in a long ribbon of northern landscapes along the main walls of the gallery, simulating fragments of remembered journeys.

This impressive exhibtion will be at the Vilnius City Hall gallery until July 30. Informational sponsor – Lithuanian World Community.