Here is a Selection of our Favourite Easter Eggs Submitted by our Creative Readers


Beautiful Ombre Creations

Ombre – a graduation of color intensity – is a hot trend in fashion and decor right now. Why not transfer the trend to Easter eggs, like Andreja Juknevicius did this year! Ombre eggs look beautiful and sophisticated, but are actually quite easy to achieve.

The ombre egg is a minimalistic yet beautiful design created just through the dyeing process. Fully submerge the egg into the dye and lift out when you achieve the desired starting shade. Then lower the egg 2/3 into the liquid and hold until the egg color has darkened. Repeat again, but lower the egg 1/3 into the liquid to get the darkest shade at the bottom.

Submitted by Andreja Juknevicius

Gold Foiled Easter Eggs

Who knew the fabled golden egg could look so cool? Colorfully dyed eggs get a bit of “bling” from gold foil. Despite their luxe appearance, they’re quite easy to make. Brush on a thin layer of adhesive on a hard boiled, dyed egg, wherever you’d like the gold leaf to stick. Allow the adhesive to dry, then place a sheet of gold leaf over the sections of the egg that are tacky and roll the egg around.  Using a clean, dry paintbrush, buff away the excess gold leaf from the egg until it’s smooth and clean.

photo 1
Submitted by Viktoria Benotas

Traditional Pysanky Eggs

Pysanky is a traditional craft in Ukraine and Poland. Patterns are drawn on the egg with wax, which then protects the covered areas from the dye that is applied. By repeating this process with different colors of dye, a multi-colored pattern is built up. Finally, the wax is removed to reveal the colors that were covered up at each stage. Angie Birgiolas displays one of her prized Pursanky-style Easter eggs.

Angie Birgiolas
Submitted by Angie Birgiolas

Various Easter Eggs

Designed by Lile Nakrosiene and Ramune Jonaitiene.