A Virtual Exhibition on Lithuanian Media in the Diaspora


To commemorate World Lithuanian Unity Day, a virtual exhibition on Lithuanian press in the diaspora is available at https://www.lnb.lt. The material was collected by the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, and includes the Lithuanian weekly “Tėviškės žiburiai”, currently available only online. The seven-part exhibition outlines various newspapers and magazines published in Europe, USA, South America, Canada and Australia.

This photo with some familiar faces from Toronto, shows young Girl Scouts reading “Tėviškės žiburiai” (Lights of Homeland)

Also included in the virtual exhibition are Lithuanian radio and television programs – notably the Chicago “Margutis” radio program which began in 1932.

The exhibition is only a partial overview of media in the Lithuanian diaspora, and is more of an outline with examples allowing the reader a broad picture of journalistic activity abroad. According to National Library data, after 1990, more than 50 periodicals were being published in English, attesting to the fact that Lithuanian communities were buzzing with life 30 years ago and still are today.

For a very informative read in Lithuanian, visit https://www.lnb.lt. An English-language summary will be available later this summer.

The exhibition was the brain-child of the World Lithuanian Community Committee on Culture Chair Jūratė Caspersen, compiled by the Lithuanian National Martynas Mažvydas Library’s Heritage Research Department and the Adolfas Damušis Democratic Studies Centre.