New Coach for Kauno “Žalgiris”

AFP„Scanpix“ nuotr. Martinas Schilleris

The famous Kaunas basketball team “Žalgiris”, whose former coach Šarūnas Jasikevičius brought it to victory in Barcelona, is soon to be led by Austrian Martin Schiller

Well-known as a strategist, M. Schiller began his career in 2004 and spent many years with German sports clubs, and was Germany’s men’s all-stars team assistant coach. Since 2017, he was head coach for the Salt Lake City “Stars” in the NBA G league, and this year was named best coach in the league.

What was it about him that stood out for “Žalgiris” execs? After many interviews with other candidates, they were sold on Schiller’s vast knowledge, multi-faceted approach, disciplinary standards and sheer ability to get the most out of his players.

Another factor was his young age, meaning that he will be forward-thinking, flexible and open to innovations and technologies, the “Žalgiris” staff is accustomed to. Martin Schiller also presented his game theory: “Of course we want a strong defense. We have clear defense rules we must follow, to create a defense that’s solid as a fist.In offense we must use the whole court, share the ball, make quick decisions and use the penalty box. We want our games to be beautiful to watch, which “Žalgiris” has already done.” Statistics show that defense is Schiller’s primary goal. Under his coaching last season, the Jutos “Jazz” team “Stars” managed to let their opponents get only 31.3% of baskets. Three-pointers. In December, when Schiller was named best coach in the G league, “Star” players allowed opponents to get an average of 97 points with only 35% of baskets. On defense the “Stars” scored 95. “Žalgiris” new coach will be arriving in Lithuania in mid-August.