NATO Summit 2023 in LT

In a joint communiqué on June 15, NATO leaders in Brussels agreed to hold the next NATO summit in Spain in 2022 and in Vilnius in 2023. This was confirmed to journalists in Brussels by Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda.

Lithuania has not hosted an event on such a scale as the NATO summit, thus there is much preparatory work ahead, said presidential adviser Asta Skaisgiryte. She noted that there are content-related matters that will require close attention. “Although the NATO secretary general does a lot of work, the hosting country also takes part in that, and also a lot of organizational work is ahead – from the equipment of the conference center to the accommodation of delegations,” said Skaisgirytė. “It’s a huge event and two years is quite the right time to prepare,” she added, explaining that Lithuania stands ready to meet the requirements set for an event of such level, and the decision to hold the meeting in Vilnius is important not only for Lithuania but for the whole region.

The idea to host this summit in Lithuania emerged around 18 months ago and Lithuanian diplomats and politicians have pursued it. She agrees, however, that the regional geopolitical situation as well as Russia and Belarus’ actions also made impact on that. “The environment in Eastern Europe is not very safe. Therefore, it is meaningful to meet in Lithuania, the Baltic region, and demonstrate solidarity,” the presidential adviser said.

In her words, the first steps regarding the content of the Vilnius summit will have to be taken next year at the NATO summit in Madrid.

News from Lithuania Daily Bulletin