Jewish Heritage Remembered

Former Vilna Ghetto library building on Žemaitijos Street / VVGŽM

On June 15, Deputy Minister of Culture Rimantas Mikaitis unveiled plans to open two museums dedicated to Jewish heritage in Lithuania and the Holocaust. In a meeting with Cherrie Daniels, special envoy for Holocaust issues at the US Department of State, Paul Packer, chairman of the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad, and US Ambassador Robert Gilchrist, he anounced that they will be opened in Vilnius within four years. 

According to Mikaitis, the Memorial Museum of Holocaust in Lithuania and the Vilna Ghetto would be opened in the former Vilna Ghetto library building on Žemaitijos Street, which housed Meficei Haskala society library before World War Two, at the initiative of the Vilna Gaon Museum of Jewish History by 2025.

He also said that the Museum of Culture and Identity of Lithuanian Jews would be opened in the former building of the Jewish Tarbut Gymnasium on Pylimo Street in October 2022. The buildings will be an integral part of the historical journey of Litvak culture in Vilnius both conceptually and functionally, according to the Ministry.

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