Christmas in Vilnius


“Christmas in Vilnius” is the brightest and most visited festival in the city, starting at the beginning of December and delighting visitors until the feast of the Three Kings. It is at least 5-6 weeks of exceptional events and a festive atmosphere in the heart of the capital, and in the remote corners of Vilnius.

The carefully organized program of events for “Christmas in Vilnius” every year nurtures traditions and brings bright, interesting entertainment and educational events for the whole family.

Every year the Christmas tree lighting in the Cathedral Square, Christmas Town, the Ice Rink, and the International Christmas Charity Fair are cherished and anticipated all year round and surprises visitors with charming innovations, creating an unforgettable Christmas celebration for both Vilnius residents and guests, who come from other parts of Lithuania and from various countries of the world.

In recent years, the Christmas tree that stands in Cathedral Square, has become an integral symbol of the “Christmas Capital” and the holiday season in Lithuania. The tree that captivates with a new image every year, has been named the most beautiful in Europe for several years in a row. Vilnius, declared one of the most magical Christmas cities in Europe in 2019-2022, was included in the European Top 5 and in the list of the 25 best places in the world to celebrate Christmas.

On December 1, the official beginning of winter, the main Christmas tree of Vilnius was lit in Cathedral Square. This year, the city has a natural tree gifted by a local resident. “The Christmas tree has always been an invitation for people to come together and spend some much-needed time socializing with each other. During this festive season, Vilnius invites people to give each other what money can’t buy: attention, conversation, togetherness, meetings, support, and gratitude. These are the greatest Christmas miracles,” said Vilnius Mayor Valdas Benkunskas, greeting the crowd gathered at the Christmas tree lighting event.

This year, the natural spruce tree was brought to Cathedral Square instead of an artificial installation. The last time the city had a natural tree was in 2009. The tree, which is more than 16 metres tall, was donated by a resident of Vilnius.

It was decorated with more than 300 gold and silver decorations and 200,000 lights. Topping the tree is a huge star, measuring almost 2 metres.

The design of this year’s Christmas tree was created by Lumidėja UAB, which was selected through an open design competition. This year the cost of the installation was 89,500 euros. Last year, the cake-shaped tree for Vilnius’ 700th birthday cost 230,000 euros.