Awards for Service to Lithuania


On the occasion of World Lithuanian Unity Day, July 17, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis honoured the Lithuanian American Community and Lithuanian Community members in other countries for service to Lithuania.

The Lithuanian American Community, celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, received the highest award, the Golden Vytis, for its long-term efforts in unifying Lithuanians throughout the United States, supporting the cause of Lithuania‘s freedom during the occupation, contributing to its reconstruction as an independent country, establishing strategic partnerships between the US and Lithuania, nurturing civic-mindedness and a patriotic new generation.

On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the Lithuanian American Community received the highest Foreign Ministry award for service to Lithuania, the Golden Vytis

Medals for promoting Lithuanian causes and contributing to the independence of Lithuania were awarded to Lithuanian language specialist Irena Aleksa (Poland); Chicago Lithuanian Community activist Alexander Rimas Domanskis (USA); Darius Furmonavičius, Director of the Lithuanian Research Centre in Nottingham and Secretary of the Great Britain Lithuanian Catholic Association and the Lithuanian Catholic Centre “Židinys” (UK); past president and board member of the Colorado Lithuanian Community Arvidas Kazimieras Jarašius (USA); literary translator, teacher, and activist Romas Kinka (UK); Chicago Lithuanian basketball league founder, president and coach Aurimas Matulevičius (USA); Lithuanian American Union  president Laima Marija Michailovič (USA); Darius Polikaitis, Chicago Lithuanian Ensemble “Dainava“ artistic director and conductor, vice-president of the North American Lithuanian Music Association, and president of the North American “Ateitis“ Association Council (USA), Antanas Rasiulis, president of the Krasnojarsk Independent Cultural Group “Lietuva“ (Russia); Saulius Sidaras, vice-president of the Krasnojarsk Independent Cultural Group “Lietuva“ , Lithuanian Sunday-school principal and teacher (Russia); Lithuanian American Council member and cultural activist Austėja Sruoga (USA); Algis Uzdila, member of the Polish Lithuanian Commuity, director of the Punsk Cultural Centre Dance Ensemble “Jotva“ and Lithuanian language specialist (Poland); Dr. Robertas A. Vitas, Lithuanian Research and Studies Center founder and council chair, Lithuanian Art Museum council chair and Youth Center council member (USA).

The minister‘s gratitude for meaningful service to Lithuania will also be expressed to other US, Canadian, Polish, Norwegian, Swiss and Ukrainian Lithuanians as well as the World Lithuanian Youth Association board of 2017-2021.

Information from the Foreign Ministry Communications and Cultural Diplomacy Department

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