The sixth annual Light Festival is taking place in Vilnius January 25-28, inviting city residents and visitors to discover light installations by designers from Lithuania, France, Poland, and the Netherlands appearing in the streets, courtyards, and alleys of Old Town. 

According to the Tourism and Business Development Agency Go Vilnius, one of the most fascinating light installations this year is a projection called Cosmos Vilnius by Rimas Sakalauskas, a Lithuanian multimedia artist. The installation depicts an interstellar wormhole that opens in one of the courtyards and transports visitors to an alternative Vilnius. Set up in “mockumentary” style, the project explores the idea of relocating Vilnius to the moon.

About 200,000 people visit the Vilnius Light Festival annually, according to Go Vilnius. This year, its program is comprised of two parts: the main program with curator-selected installations and additional objects with voluntary initiatives by culture, arts, science, education, and business organizations. In total, 20 light installations are displayed all over Vilnius.

Since 2019, the event has highlighted the city’s architecture, streets, alleys, and courtyards with innovative light art installations. Over the last five years, 91 light art projects from 18 countries have been exhibited in Vilnius. Visitors are invited to download the festival’s app with routes and installations.

With “Flux”, the technical aspects of digital interaction are pushed to the maximum. A system, both in software and hardware, was built to use the highest potential of programmable LED’s on a large scale. The whole show runs by code, and is tightly synchronized to the spatial sound score. With a tubular shape rising to the clouds, four high-speed cameras and an eight-speaker sound system create an immersive experience which reveals hidden algorithms that shape our online encounters at the speed of light.