Vilnius Tree Lights Up Christmas


Most Lithuanians agree that the Vilnius Christmas Tree is the most beautiful in Europe. Of course it’s a matter of taste, but this year’s tree is truly unique, and quite different from its more “romantic” predecessors. Its geometric lines reflect today’s technological mindset. Standing in Cathedral Square, the tree is 26 metres (85 feet) wide and 24 78 feet tall. This magnificent installation is made of metal and displays 6,000 fir branches with 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) of changing RGB lights, 800 silver coloured decorations and 150 square metres of mirror fragments. It was created by Festival Studio’s (Švenčių studija) designer Dominykas Koncevičius. It took a team of 25 specialists to navigate the technical challenges of this installation and prepare it for construction, which required 10 people and two weeks of work.

The Vilnius Christmas Tree, installed November 27, is impressive both inside and out. The mirrors reflect fascinating spaces, and inside the tree awaits a completely opposite and surprisingly traditional live Christmas tree with old-fashioned decorations, creating a cozy, homelike atmosphere, and transporting the observer to a previous century.

Lighting sponsors this year are the coffee producer Paulig and renewable energy firm Green Genius, which has been implementing sustainable energy initiatives in Lithuania for four years: coffee grounds retrieved from the large industrial and shopping centres in the capital city are being recycled into environmentally friendly energy. Lighting the Vilnius Christmas tree over the entire holiday period will require more than 21 tons or over 2.1 millions of cups of coffee grounds, which will be converted to sustainable electricity.

Due to COVID-19, most Christmas festivities and charity markets are cancelled. Some events will be available on the internet.

                                                                                                                                                      With news from Photos by A. Strumila