“#Ukraine needs ammunition, not a ride” 


Support for Ukraine’s Defenders

On Sunday, April 3, Ukrainian blue and yellow flags flooded the intersection of Bloor and Yonge streets in Toronto. Thousands of people from Toronto and neighbouring areas gathered for the second Mega March in support of Ukraine, organized by the Toronto branch of the Ukrainian Congress of Canada. The march toward Nathan Phillips Square was led by a huge tractor bearing the sign “Antitank Tractor Brigade”, in honour of the Ukrainian farmers who used their own tractors against Russian aggressors, dragging away bombed Russian tanks. On their way down Yonge Street, marchers chanted “Silence is Violence”, and carried various signs in support of Ukraine.


The purpose of the march, with the motto  “Ukraine needs ammunition, not a ride”, was to promote more awareness and concrete support for Ukraine, urging the governments of Canada and USA to provide more help for the Ukrainian soldiers fighting against Russian invaders. At Nathan Phillips Square, Peter Schturyn, president of the Toronto branch of the Ukrainian Congress of Canada, spoke about the devastation of cities and towns in Ukraine and mass killings of peaceful citizens. A 45-foot mass grave was found in the recently liberated town of Bucha, containing the bodies of Ukrainian civilians who were killed by Russian soldiers at close range before they withdrew. Such crimes against humanity can only be stopped by means of weapons support for Ukrainian soldiers.

Former head of Canadian armed forces General Rick Hillier said that Canada, together with other NATO and EU nations, should immediately provide Ukraine with weapons, especially antitank technology, precision artillery and other military equipment. In his view, a no-fly zone over Ukraine must be declared, and it is not too late to do so even now.

Thousands of Canadians of Ukrainian descent participating in the march were joined by members of other ethnic groups, including Lithuanian youth, parishes and other community organizations.

Ukraine’s fight for freedom and independence is important for Lithuania and the entire world. If it is not stopped in time, Russian aggression will be a danger to peace throughout Europe.

Photos: Glimpses of Mega March Two (photos S.Pakalna, A.Minkevicius)