The Vancouver Owlet Club


The Vancouver Owlet Club (Pelėdžiukų klubas) is well into its 4th school year and is happy to report that the number of students is still increasing. This year there are 21 Owlets participating, with the help of their parents and teachers R. Vrubliauskaitė-Tryon, R. Vrubliauskaitė-SidAhu, L. Sipelis, K. Jaugelis and A. Jureliavičiūtė. A library of children’s books and CD’s is now in place so that the students may improve their Lithuanian by listening to stories, poems and songs at home. Last summer, the school held its second summer day camp, with the theme of “My Lithuania’s 100 Birthday”. The school also organizes events and excursions for its students, and  all interested children in the community are invited. This fall they were taken to a farm to pick a pumpkin for Halloween and learned the names of various farm animals in Lithuanian. The children enjoyed a tractor ride, the corn labyrinth and the Fairy Tale Forest as well as a picnic in the pumpkin field. Many other events are planned for this year, with thanks to the Lithuanian Canadian Foundation and everyone who has supported the school.

(Translated from a report by Rūta Vrubliauskaitė-Tryon in TŽ No. 23)

Everyone loved the tractor ride at the farm
The Owlets and their teachers are ready for a new school year