Summer Ethnocultural Events in Lithuania


Visiting Lithuania? Take in One of these Events

The Council for the Safeguarding of Ethnic Culture (Etninės kultūros globos taryba  – has announced its calendar of the most popular events for summer 2023.

Lithuanian Song and Dance Festivals, together with those in Latvia and Estonia, have been registered in the UNESCO Intangible Cutural Heritage list since 2003. The Festival encompassing the Lithuanian community throughout the world is organized every four years, with the next one being in 2024 ( Smaller festivals are held throughout Lithuania annually, with a western Lithuania event in Klaipėda on June 10-11 commemorating the centenary of the region’s reunification with Lithuania (

A youth competition called “Tramtatulis” includes children from everywhere in Lithuania who sing, play folk instruments or tell stories in local dialects. On June 11 in Vilnius, winners will be announced at an event organized by the Lithuanian National Culture Centre (

“Zalvynė“ is one of the most important summer events in the Sėliai region, in the northeastern area of Lithuania. It will be held June 10-11 in the town of Zarasai and its environs, with folk songs and dances performed in various venues ( In the region of Sūduva (Suvalkija), there is a village called Ožkabaliai, where the famous activist Jonas Basanavičius was born. A folklore festival called “Žalias ąžuolėli“ with various folkloric events and artisans draws visitors to this famous site in the southwest of Llithuania on June 10. 

In the Klaipėda region, Lithuanian ethnic sports will be celebrated on June 24 in Jakai Park.

Every two years in June, the capital of Žemaitija (Samogitia) – Telšiai – invites visitors to the youth folklore festival “Aš pasiejau vėina popa”. Since 1986 this festival of international traditions, with concerts, dances, and workshops invites guests from June 29 to July 2.  See for  more information. The beautiful Curonian Spit region, called Neringa, has traditional and contemporary folklore groups coming to the area from Lithuania and abroad from June 22 to 25 to celebrate Lithuanian culture in a natural setting.

The “Rasa” festival, or “Joninės”, on the night of June 24 is celebrated throughout Lithuania with bonfires, wreathmaking and dancing until dawn. In Vilnius, many people gather at Verkiai Park; in Dzūkija region – at Merkinė, in Aukštaitija (the “Highlands”) – at Kernavė and Rumšiškės, in Lithuania Minor – at Rambynas Hill, in Klaipėda’s Old Town, in Sūduva – at Prienai, in Žemaitija – at Plateliai.

This  feast day of St. John the Baptist is the highlight of the summer in Lithuania.

The organizers of “Kilkim žaibu” (Rise with Lightning) is a heavy metal festival, whose organizers maintain that their inspiration arises from ancient lore, and their lyrics describe historical events, mythology, and legends. The 23rd festival will take place in Ukmergė June 29 to July 1.


Together with the Lithuanian Literature and Folklore Institute, the Institute of Native Culture (Prigimtinės kultūros institutas – will hold its 21st annual seminar from June 30 to July 2 in the village of Juodoniai in the Rokiškis district. Videos of earlier seminars are available on the website.

A special day for all Lithuanians is July 6, Lithuanian Statehood Day and the Coronation of King Mindaugas. Since 2009, Lithuanians throughout the world join together in singing the national anthem that day at 9 pm local time. For more information go to