Solidarity Demonstrations in Lithuania


“Freedom Shines” in Vilnius and Other Cities

As the Russian military invasion began in Ukraine, Lithuanians immediately prepared to show solidarity with demonstrations being organized throughout the nation. Ukrainian Community leader in Lithuania Aleksandras Matvejevas appealed to Lithuanians: “We are enduring this hardship together with our brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents, friends and colleagues in Ukraine. An inconceivably violent and deceitful aggressor is encroaching on the land of our forefathers, threatening the lives of our loved ones and the very existence of Ukraine. If we do not stop this monster which has declared war on our essential human values, we can only expect the worst. Ukraine now desperately needs support and solidarity from its friends, neighbours and Lithuanian brothers and sisters. We thank you for your hearts. Let us stop Putin together.”

In Vilnius, giant Lithuanian and Ukrainian flags were displayed in Independence Square on Thursday evening, with organizations and participants bringing their own flags. A march to Boris Nemcov Square began at 6 PM local time, with national anthems, speeches and commemoration of the fallen beginning at 7 PM, as well as torches and bonfires lit in solidarity with Ukrainian fighters. Bottom of Form

Demonstrations were also planned in Kaunas, Klaipėda, and other cities.