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A coalition of civilian organizations, including the Ukrainian World Congress, the largest association uniting the Ukrainian diaspora worldwide, the Free Ukraine Resistance Movement, and others have launched a global petition calling for an international tribunal to judge Putin for the war crimes that are being and have been committed.

Vladimir Putin has already earned the title of a war criminal. He has committed violent war crimes, crimes against humanity and threatened genocide against the Ukrainian people. He is responsible for bombing hospitals, schools, kindergartens and essential infrastructure in Ukrainian cities. He is responsible for killing hundreds of civilians, including children. He is the single largest threat to humanity and global security today. He has threatened nuclear war. Putin must be stopped!

The petition aims to collect 10 million signatures from across the world to send a strong message of support to all of the Ukrainians on the ground and to add still needed pressure on our governments to start the legal proceedings at the ICC.

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 We urge all citizens of the world to support this appeal and spread the message!

We call on all media outlets to share the news far and wide!

Together we can #StopPutin! #PutinWarCriminal #PunishPutin