October 25 – Constitution Day

On October 25 Lithuania celebrated the 29th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic. On October 22, an international conference was held in Parliament (Seimas) to discuss challenges arising for the Constitutional Court in conflict-resolution among government institutions,citizen relations, and inter-institutional disputes.

Central to the discussions were also issues regarding COVID-19 and quarantine as an administrative regime, and challenges to the protection of human rights and the legality of restrictions applied due to extreme situations. Challenges to the rule of law were also addressed from Czech, US, Latvian and Polish perspectives.

In this date, the Office of the President of Lithuania, together with the Ministry of Justice, has sponsored the 45-minute Constitution Examination, inviting citizens to test their knowledge of Lithuanian law on October 25 between 9 am and 1 pm (EET, LT time). Registration and practice questions were available at www.konstitucijosegzaminas.lt. Over 400,000 Lithuanians have participated in this exam since its inception 14 years ago. Highest performers on the examination receive awards from the President of Lithuania and from the Ministry of Justice.