Lithuanian Voices at Cannes Festival


The 77th International Film Festival at Cannes began on May 16 together with one of the most important Film Fairs in Europe – “Marché du Film“, attracting thousands of film industry professionals from around the world.

“Ootidė“ (produced by L. Lasiauskaitė)

Lithuania is participating in the fair for the 14th time. New Lithuanian director Eglė Razumaitė’s short film “Ootidė“ (produced by L. Lasiauskaitė) will be vying for the “Short Film Palme d’or“ prize. It was selected for consideration from 4,500 applicants, and is the second to be officially included in the competition.

Premiering in a separate category “La Cinef“, for film schools, will be the film “Praeis” (“It shall pass”) by London film school (LFS) graduate Dovydas Drakšas (producers M. Macenavičius, J. Zhao). At the Film Fair, “Short Film Corner“  facilitates networking among professionals working in directing, production, broadcasting and promoting short films. Here visitors will have the opportunity to view the short “Juoda” (“Black”) by Aušra Lukošiūnienė.

“Juoda” (“Black”) by Aušra Lukošiūnienė.

Producer Giedrė Žickytė will be participating in the 5-day networking program “Producers on the Move“. The “Marché du Film“ will also include the film “Aktyvistas” (“The Activist”) by Romas Zabarauskas (produced by R. Zabarauskas, G. Elliott, and G. Misevičiūtė). On May 19, the fair will feature a presentation called “(Re)discovering Lithuanian Cinema“.

            Dovydas Drakšas

“Aktyvistas” (“The Activist”) by Romas Zabarauskas