Lithuanian Aid to Ukraine Continues


Lithuanian Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv on November 10 and briefed him on Lithuania’s current military assistance and further support plans. Possibilities for joint defence industry projects were discussed as well.

“Today, I met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Defence Minister Rustem Umerov in Kyiv. We discussed military support and further support plans following the transfer of the NASAMS medium-range air defence system, as well as the demining coalition and possibilities to jointly develop various defence industry projects,” Anušauskas said. “Security of Ukraine is an integral component of the Euro-Atlantic security, and it is only NATO membership that will provide to Ukraine the security assurances and credible deterrence against the expansionist Russian aggression. We promote the issues of Ukraine’s NATO membership in all formats, especially with those who are less than passionate supporters, because the conclusion of this war will determine the security of Lithuania and in Europe.”

The minister briefed President Zelenskyy on Lithuania’s effort in supplying military vehicles and equipment, organizing the demining coalition, training Ukrainian military personnel and providing medical treatment and rehabilitation of for injured Ukrainian troops.   

Earlier in the day, Lithuania handed over launchers and necessary equipment for the NASAMS medium-range air defence systems to Ukraine. Before the launchers were handed over to Ukrainian troops, they underwent comprehensive driving and repair training in Norway. Together with the NASAMS launchers, Lithuania has also provided all-terrain vehicles needed for NASAMS crews.

According to the Defence Ministry, the total value of Lithuania’s military assistance to Ukraine stands at around 500 million euros. The planned Lithuanian military assistance includes grenade launcher ammunition, logistics vehicles, and various types of equipment for the winter season.

Anušauskas personally thanked V. Zelenskyy for his wartime leadership and reassured him of Lithuania’s unwavering commitment.  

During the visit in Kyiv Minister also met with Minister of Defence of Ukraine Rustem Umerov. The ministers had an in-depth discussion about the current state of the war, Ukraine’s further actions, assistance requirement and military cooperation.