Europeade Coming to Klaipėda

Jorė Dances in London, 2011

Dance Festival to be held in 2022

What is Europeade? The website tells us it is an independent annual meeting of 5,000 people involved in folk dance and music from all over Europe, committed to the preservation of regional folk culture, be it music, dance, song, or costume.

They meet for a week in summer every year, often in a new city in Europe, to show dances in displays in large arenas and in the streets of the city, and hold a ball, a parade, and an ecumenical service.  Groups dance, sing and play their music in costume throughout the city sharing each country’s regional culture with the local inhabitants and each other.

The Lithuanian port city of has been voted host of the event Klaipėda will host the Europeade, the largest festival of European folk culture, on July 14-17, 2022. The Italian city of Trapani, the expected host of the Europeade in 2022, will organize it in 2023.

“Encouraging news for Klaipėda: the pandemic is not taking away our opportunity to bring together fans of folklore of different peoples and cultures on the Lithuanian seaside,” said Vytautas Grubliauskas, the city’s mayor.

Klaipėda was to host the 57th edition of Europeade in 2020, but converted it to a virtual event due to the pandemic. This year’s event was cancelled as well.

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