Diplomats Meet with Foreign Minister


Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis met with 63 members of the Lithuanian diplomatic service on August 29. The minister outlined the challenges facing the diplomatic service and its goals for the future. He noted that all efforts must be directed toward defending Ukraine, the independence of Lithuania and the prerequisites for the existence of a free world.

Lithuania and other small nations must continue to be heard in the United Nations, the European Union, the European Security and Cooperation Organization as well as other multilateral institutions, which must also adapt to the challenges of the current situation and strive for more effective results.

Landsbergis also emphasized that the war against Ukraine and shifting trends in global security have accentuated the essential role of transatlantic relations. NATO remains the single most stable foundation for the structure of solid European and world security.

NATO‘s decision to hold its summit meeting in Vilnius in 2023 is an historical landmark for Lithuanian diplomacy, confirming NATO‘s support for the security of Eastern Europe.

Economic diplomacy remains highly relevant. Lithuania‘s goal of diversifying its market has brought excellent results, having increased trade with the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Australia. With the war in Ukraine affecting supply chains, it is essential to continue to diversify and find alternatives. The diplomatic service will have a major role in this regard.Lithuanian diplomats will need to react quickly to sudden changes, and maintain the democratic world‘s focus on essential principles.

The diplomatic meeting continues until September 1, with discussions on economic diplomacy, innovations, transport and energy policy, and strategy execution in the diaspora.