BC Bravery – Take the Plunge!

Lina Holliday, LCBC Board Director and BC Polar Bear Plunge LT Team Organizer invites you to support the virtual initiative organized by BC Lithuanian Polar Bear team. Due to COVID-19, it cannot be a live event. She writes: “We would like to invite all of you to take part. We still have almost two weeks to greet the New 2022 with a plunge! I am thankful for the solidarity that many of you exhibited by sharing the invitation to participate in Canada-wide Polar Bear Plunge in your local Lithuanian communities. Please, share with the rest of Lithuanian Canadian Community using KLB (LCC) Facebook platform. Also, if Embassy of Lithuania to Canada Facebook page could share this as well, it would be amazing! We invite you to support this initiative and send your photographs to be shared with the world. Who knows?Along the way you could win a medal for participating!

Here is the link to be shared: www.facebook.com

Lina Holliday ([email protected])