Are You Voting in the Lithuanian Parliamentary Elections?

Laura Matjošaitytė, chair of the Central Electoral Commission of Lithuania

Over 40,000 voters outside of Lithuania have registered to vote in the parliamentary elections

According to Laura Matjošaitytė, chair of the Central Electoral Commission, this number is huge compared to 2016, when just over 19,000 Lithuanians registered. Registration has ended at about half of the world’s Lithuanian embassies, but citizens could register until midnight, Wednesday, September 30 in Belarus, Estonia, Greece, Kaliningrad, Sovetsk and until midnight on Thursday in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, France, Finland, and Seinai. Registration continues on Friday in Los Angeles, New York and Poland, and Saturday until midnight in Ireland, Sunday – in Germany.

Over 90% of voters abroad wish to vote by mail.

Due to restrictions in force due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil and Israel, voting by mail will be organized at the embassy in Israel and the general consulate in São Paulo, Brazil. Voting will also take place by mail only at the general consulates in Los Angeles and New York. This method was chosen because the consulate facilities are not adapted to conform to the minimal security requirements for COVID-19.

Voting in the diaspora is being organized by 51 Lithuanian embassies and consulates.

Parliamentary elections will be held on October 11.

                              Information and photos from the Central Electoral Commission