Lietuvoje startuoja pasaulyje didžiausia bandymų erdvė „PropTech“


RealBox – tai pirmoji tokio dydžio „PropTech“ technologijų bandymams ir testavimui skirta erdvė, orientuota į visame pasaulyje veikiančias įmones ir kviečianti įvairius sprendimus išbandyti Lietuvoje.

Projektas skirtas įmonėms, kuriančias nekilnojamojo turto technologijas didžiųjų duomenų, virtualios realybės, programinės įrangos, parkavimo, energetikos, protingo miesto ir kitose srityse.

Technologijų įmonėms siūloma rinktis iš 48 pastatų ir daugiau nei 930 tūkst. kvadratinių metrų dviejuose didžiausiuose Lietuvos miestuose Vilniuje ir Kaune. Tai gyvenamieji, daugiafunkciai ir komercinės paskirties pastatai. Tarp jų yra didžiausi Lietuvoje prekybos centrai, užimantys apie 300 tūkst. kvadratinių metrų bendro ploto.

World’s First PropTech Sandbox Opens in Lithuania

PropTech Baltics has announced the launch of RealBox, the first PropTech sandbox in the world, aimed at companies worldwide and inviting them to test and pilot their projects in Lithuania. The innovative concept, unveiled on March 14 during the MIPIM real estate exhibition in Cannes, France, is a global first and is aimed at all PropTech companies including service parking, RE management, VR and big data.

RealBox’s objective is to tackle an industry-wide issue. PropTech companies need to test their technology and concepts with trial runs before going to market – this usually involves finding property partners and spending time and money into figuring out and carrying out any improvements. RealBox helps companies cut the time and costs needed to run pilot tests by providing set-up free of charge.

Basing RealBox in Vilnius was a strategic decision. The Lithuanian capital is fast becoming a significant European hub for technology companies and innovation. Opening a company in Lithuania is extremely easy. Its favourable legal and tax environment has attracted companies such as Barclays and Western Union. The likes of Uber and Sentiance have also recently flocked to the Lithuanian capital to make the most of its pool of young talent, excellent infrastructure and low operational costs.

PropTech Baltic is a network for innovation, startups, and developers in the real estate industry in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. It connects investors and forward-thinking members of the real estate industry with innovators and PropTech companies both in the Baltics and the rest of Europe. PropTech Baltic is a community of almost 300 members across the Baltics.

RealBox is an offshoot project of PropTech Baltic and counts with 48 properties in Vilnius and Kaunas. The sandbox environment includes residential, commercial and mixed-use developments totalling over 930,000 square metres for PropTech companies to use as their ‘playground’ before scaling up further.