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August is Peach Month! Celebrate with this Delicious Peach Pie

CATHY HORYN Time: About 1 hour 30 minutes, Yield 8 servingsdownload

PEACHPIE-articleLargeThe crust calls for a combination of butter and lard which results in a superbly flaky crust, but if the idea of lard makes you bristle, all butter will work here too (you might need a bit more). Very little fuss is made over the peaches; just toss them with lemon juice, sugar and a scoop of flour to make it come together, then sprinkle with fresh nutmeg before topping with a blanket of dough.

Bake until the juices bubble and peek through the golden crust. It’s a simple and straightforward recipe, and the perfect showcase for ripe and juicy peaches. Get the full recipe here…