Lietuvių Tautodailės Instituto Toronto skyrius rengia pamokėlę “Gintaras ir papuošalų perdirbimas”


Balandžio 14 d., 13.30 val., vyks gintaro juvelyrikos perdirbimo pamokėlė. Ramune Jonaitienė ir Birutė Batrakas parodys dalyviams kaip sukurti naujus ir įdomius karolius naudodamos gintarinius karoliukus.

Prašome atnešti gintarinius karolius arba apyrankę, kuriuos norėtumėte perdirbti, arba tiesiog atskirus gintarinius karoliukus. Jei turite, atsineškite mažas žirkles ir mažas reples.

Balandžio 14 d. 1.30 vpp, Prisikėlimo parapijoje – posėdžių kambary
Užsirašykite el.paštu: [email protected] arba tel. 905-271-1640
Kaina: $20; LTI nariams – $15; medžiaga: $10

Daugiau informacijos rasite tinklalapyje

The Lithuanian Folk Art Institute, Toronto chapter invites you to attend a workshop “Amber & New Trends in Jewellery

An amber jewellery workshop is being held on Saturday, April 14, at 1:30pm at the Resurrection Parish Board Room (1 Resurrection Rd., Etobicoke). Space is available for a maximum of 10 participants. Ramune Jonaitis will speak (in English) about what you didn’t know about amber, and branch chair Birute Batraks will show participants how to use amber beads to make a new and fun necklace. We will be able to test individual amber beads and pieces that are not mounted in metal. Teens are welcome! This will be a basic demonstration, and other workshops may follow if participants are interested.

Please bring an amber necklace or bracelet that you would like to take apart or just beads (hopefully with min. 0.5 mm holes to fit the string). Please bring small scissors, and small pliers if you have them. 

April 14, 1:30 pm, Board Room, Resurrection Parish
To register, please email [email protected] or call 905-271-1640
Fee: $20; $15 for members; materials fee $10

The Lithuanian Folk Art Institute is a non-profit volunteer organization with a board and membership comprised of predominantly Canadian and American artists, craftspeople and individuals interested in experiencing and preserving our unique heritage.  The institute has active local chapters in Toronto, Montreal, New York City, Chicago, and other Lithuanian communities, with membership open to individuals as well.

For more information please visit