Vyshyvanka Day in Toronto

Let’s commemorate Vyshyvanka Day in Toronto next Thursday! 

What is being asked of us?

To participate in a parade with march commemorating the fourth annual Vyshyvanka Day, on which Ukrainians dress up in ethnic clothing decorated with traditional folk patterns. 


The Ukrainian Canadian Congress Toronto Branch is asking all of its friends for support to stand in solidarity with Ukraine and all Ukrainians worldwide

Where to meet?

In the parking lot of the medical building at 2445 Bloor St W, near the Bloor/Jane intersection


May 18th, Thursday

What time?

6:15 p.m.

How to dress?

If possible, dress in Lithuanian national folk costume or at the very least, wear some folk costume accessories or other Lithuanian paraphernalia

Don’t forget…

Your Lithuanian tricolour flag !

What is Vyshyvanka?

Vyshyvanka is a shirt embroidered with folk patterns. Ukrainian vyshyvanka stands out for its unique embroidery features. Each pattern tells the story of a family or region. The geometric patterns embroidered on the shirts are seen as symbolic amulets that gather and give the strength needed in the fight for freedom. Vyshyvanka is also a unifying symbol.

Hope to see you there !

– Toronto KLB board