Vilnius Christmas Market


Vilnius launched its 2022 Christmas market on November 26, resuming a tradition that was interrupted in 2020 and 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite inflation, vendors say business is going well and visitors are happy to pay up to 8 euros for a serving of mulled wine. Also available at the kiosks are roasted chestnuts (4 euros), tea, coffee and hot chocolate (2.5 – 5 euros), wine, kisielius (cranberry drink), apple punch, and donuts.

An unexpected item is fried ice cream. “We roll the ice cream into a ball, dip it in sugar, peanuts and cornflakes. Then we freeze it about four times and we’re ready to throw it into hot oil,” says vendor Paulius, who has been selling the product for four years.

Others sell Christmas trees, wreaths, and candles. The prices vary depending on the size and decorations. The price of a wreath is about 30 euros. Handmade leather goods are sold in another stall. The price of a wallet varies between 30-40 euros, a backpack is about 120-150 euros.

Paulius Jurgutis, head of the Vilnius Culture Centre, told that this year’s Christmas market is in three locations: Katedros Square, Kudirkos Square and Odminių Square. The prices for retailers range from 2,200 to 4,200 per spot, depending on the merchandise. According to Jurgutis, there are more retailers interested in participating in the Christmas market than available spots. Therefore, organizers pick those that are better-suited to the Christmas concept.