Sustainable Mobility Awareness Week

Thursday, September 16 marks the beginning of “European Mobility Week”, the largest annual sustainable mobility event in the world. This year the theme is “Safe and Healthy with Sustainable Mobility”, paying tribute to the hardships endured by Europe and the world throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It also reflects on the opportunities for change resulting from this unprecented health crisis in Europe

Various events are planned in Lithuania throughout the week to raise awareness and encourage everyone to choose eco-friendly modes of transportation and – to simply walk more. The week will end with the traditional No-Auto Day, which will be promoted in most municipalities.

Cyclists – participants of the European Mobility Week 2020 in Utena

At noon on Thursday, the Vilnius residents and guests were invited to participate in a group exercise class in Lukiškių Square. On September 21-23, the Environment Ministry are sponsoring discussion groups in various municipalities, educational institutions, communities and other organizations. On No-Auto Day  in Vilnius, Gediminas Prospect will be open only to cyclists and pedestrians, with various activities and an exhibition of non-polluting modes of transportation.

That day, residents in other towns (Kaunas, Panevėžys, Pakruojis‚ Palanga, Kėdainiai, Joniškis, Marijampolė, Šiauliai, Kaišiadorys, Radviliškis, Utena and Jonava) will be offered free public transport. Note: in the city of Plungė, public transportation is free all year! In Kaunas on the 22nd, free boat rides on “Žalgiris” will be available every two hours, sailing on the Nemunas to the Nevėžis River and back.

Free boat rides on boat “Žalgiris”

Over 2,661 European cities (with over 40 in Lithuania) in 50 countries of Europe have registered for participation in the week’s events.

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