See Lithuania’s Castles and Manors

Medininkai castle

Once again this summer, Lithuania’s famous castles and grand estates are open for visitors. Many of these historic cultural landmarks have been renovated or reconstructed and are ready for you to explore and participate in various activities. The website has information in English, and provides maps and routes to reach castles throughout the country. Another good source is

Aside from the iconic Trakai near Vilnius, here is a list of some that are participating in this year’s travel project “Pažinkime Lietuvos dvarus” – Getting To Know Lithuania’s Manors (see their FB page for more information): Alanta, Antašava, Aukštoji Freda, Bistrampolis, Burbiškis, Ilzenbergas, Kelmė, Kuršėnai, Lipliūnai, Liubavas, Markučiai, Paežeriai, Paliesius, Plungė, Rokiškis, Tuskulėnai, Verkiai. (Ed. Note: There is no translation for these place names… you will have to learn to pronounce š [sh], ž [zh], č [ch] and ė [as in French é, e.g., sauté]. Good luck – laimingai!)

Paežeriai castle
Rokiškis castle