Saving the Baltic Dunes

Participants at the 2022 festival “By the Seashore”

Karklė is an ethnographic village located between Palanga and Klaipėda on the Baltic Sea. On the last weekend of August, it was the site of the second festival organized by “Mes darom“ (We Do) for anyone interested in joining the effort to save the beautiful sand dunes of the area. The educational, cultural and environmental program for everyone interested included concerts, films and creative activities as well as physical work reinforcing fencing and boardwalks as well as picking up garbage left on the beach. Educational workshops and activities were held by “Po bangom” (Under the Waves), an ocean research organization, and other environmental groups. This year the festival ended with a bonfire and concert dedicated to Ukraine.

It is to be hoped that the organization’s mission – to Educate, Gather and Renew – will inspire more volunteers every year.

Low fences woven from branches and saplings, are typical of the Lithuanian seaside