October is Diaspora Month

Lithuanians throughout the world are invited to the World Lithuanian Community Forum on October 21. The event is being organized by the World Lithuanian Community Board, Vytautas Magnus University and the Association of World Lithuanians.

Once again, Vytautas Magnus University is hosting a forum for diasporan community members, academics, politicians, students, teachers and representatives of various organizations in Lithuania interested in learning more about the diaspora.

The Association, formed in recent years within Lithuania, is separate from the long-standing World Lithuanian Community, which originated in the diaspora. It encourages the development of ties with the diaspora that are not exclusively government-based.

The forum is a priority in planning a referendum on maintaining citizenship, a key issue for the “new” diaspora, its resolution being dependent on a closer understanding between the Lithuanian public and the diaspora. It will also provide the opportunity for multiple organizations to share important information about their goals and activities in prepartion for the second World Lithuanian Congress.

The event will take place at the VM University in Kaunas and access will be available on Zoom, with streaming on VMU YouTube and the World Lithuanian Community’s Facebook page. The program and access  instructions will soon be provided on their websites.

For Zoom users registration is open until October 20 at 12 noon, and in-person registration closes on October 15. Sponsors of the event are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the US Lithuanian Foundation.