New Online Collections

Kaunas City Magistrate Act books 1522-1753

As of January 14, the Vilnius University Library has opened up thousands of digitized documents, photographs, and items for public use. More than 10,000 items consisting of rare prints, manuscripts, photographs, and other documents have been made public, free from copyright restrictions.

“By this action we follow the example of the Western world and aspire that a digitized treasury of VU Library marked as public domain will inspire and enrich the world of art and science,” said library director Irena Krivienė.

Some of the collections are the first books printed before the 15th century, unique collections of old atlases and maps, archives of the Lithuanian noble families, early Lithuanian books and documents, and court books of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania that reveal a wide perspective of the Lithuanian political, legal, social and economic history. The digital archives can be viewed at