Medieval Graves in Vilnius park


Archaeologists from the Antiqua archaeological project centre have unearthed graves dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries in the north-western part of the Verkiai Manor Park in Vilnius, reported the National Museum of Lithuania. While the burial site from this period was found back in 2008, the archaeological research was resumed this spring to precisely define its boundaries and dating. The archaeological research was led by archaeologist Robertas Zukovskis and commissioned by the Directorate of Pavilniai and Verkiai Regional Parks. The artefacts will undergo conservation and restoration at the National Museum’s Restoration Centre.

The Verkiai Manor Estate is located on the outskirts of Vilnius, with one edge facing the Neris River and the other bordering Jeruzalė, Naujieji Verkiai, and Verkiai Forest.

The manor ensemble features a number of well-preserved buildings and small architectural details. The Verkiai Manor Park was established in the late 18th century and consisted of the lower and the upper parks. The lower park did not survive.