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Lithuania’s Lofty Silicon Valley Dreams

Inside the offices off Apple app maker Pixelmator in Vilnius. Lithuania’s capital wants to be the new Estonia of the Baltics.

Just what we need, more killer apps.

Add Lithuania to the list of countries that thinks it can house the next Silicon Valley. The largest of the three Baltic states, and the newest member of the euro, doesn’t have to look all that far for inspiration, however. After all, wasn’t Skype technology created a hop skip and a jump away in tiny Estonia? Why, yes of course, it was.

Flush with cash from some successful Lithuanian techies, the locals have joined the global rat race of pitching better mouse ‘apps’ to venture capital. Some of them are actually getting heavyweight financial backing.

New York venture capitalists are funding at least one of them. Insight Venture Partners, the $4.7 billion private equity and venture capital studs behind Twitter and Tumblr, put around $25 million (20 million euros to be exact) to work in a Vilnius based start up called Vinted in 2014…Read more on