Lithuanian Products for Sale in Canada


One of the largest agricultural investment firms in the Baltic, AUGA Group, has production reaching the US and Canadian markets. AUGA organic products are available at Stop & Shop in the US and at Metro stores in Canada, and the mega box store Costco has extended its contract with AUGA. Stop & Shop has 415 stores in the north-eastern United States, and Metro is the third-largest grocery chain in Canada. According to Fortune magazine, Costco carries the largest selection of organic and other products in the world. 

AUGA is the only Lithuanian brand currently available in Canada and the US. It has been supplying its soups to North America since 2018, and now the product selection is growing with the addition of canned beans and chickpeas. AUGA organic products are also sold at Wholefoods, which has over 500 outlets in various countries.

The AUGA Group Corporation and its subsidiaries are developing a sustainable and modern technology-based agricultural model in the areas of plant, dairy, fowl and mushroom farming. Using both in-house and outsourced services, it produces a wide range of organic products for end-users as well as providing raw materials for the market. Buyers have shown interest in purchasing and satisfaction with ready-to-use soups, canned mushrooms, both fresh and canned vegetables, milk and other products. This area of production is strategically important for the company and is showing the most rapid growth.

AUGA uses innovative production standards and has attracted consumer interest throughout the world. Over 70% of its production is exported to over 30 countries, including Scandinavia, the Baltics, Germany, France and other members of the European Union as well as USA, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and others. One of its subsidiaries, Baltic Champs is the largest mushroom producer in the Baltic region, growing over 12,000 tons of white and cremini mushrooms, portobellos, eringi and shiitake mushrooms. It also produces mushroom-growing compost.

AUGA is the largest supplier of organic food and raw materials in Europe, and the 96,000 acres of land it owns in Lithuania, where pollution is relatively quite low, are officially designated as organic.