LABDARA Nursing Home – A Concern for Everyone


We live in difficult times. COVID-19 has changed everyone‘s life, and has inevitably affected Labdara Nursing Home as well. Over the past two months, not only have we been forced to learn how to cope with these new conditions and ensure our own safety, but also to protect those who are no longer capable of self-care.

The Labdara team, led by Laura Puteris, have worked and are still working constantly to protect those in their care. We all owe our heartfelt thanks to Laura, who not only managed the nursng home, but aside from her regular duties, kept families informed about the situation in Labdara by means of a newsletter, also consistently updating the Labdara website and  Facebook page. Well before the Ontario Ministry of Health issued its guidelines, the administration took very strict precautions to avoid the virus. Thus between April 7 and May 4, the virus has not paralyzed life at Labdara, and the precautions are in place until at least June 3.

Rules at Labdara

Visitors have not been allowed at Labdara, but staff helps organize virtual visits through Skype. Residents who may have been in contact with virus-positive persons were isolated in separate rooms and their meals were brought to them individually. Group activities are restricted, and residents‘ temperature is checked twice daily. All mail is disinfected, and disinfection procedures of the facility have been intensified.

All residents and workers at Labdara have been tested for COVID-19. Labdara staff members wear protective masks, their temperature is taken upon arrival and when leaving the premises, their health is monitored for any symptoms of the virus. They are allowed to work only at Labdara during the quarantine. Because of longer working hours and heavier work loads, even the smallest changes in routine are closely monitored in order to prevent infection.

We are Grateful for Your Generosity

Both the community and families of residents have been most generous in their support for Labdara, sending flowers, extra cleaning services for the nursing home, gift cards and special treats for staff, and a flower and Shopper‘s Drug Mart gift card for each on Mother‘s Day.

Our special thanks go to Hanelore Vasarais (Anneliese Gryciuk), Gina Ginčauskas, Anthony Sapijonis, Sam Kanes, Dalia Rocca, Joan Vaštokas, Eugenijus Krikščiūnas, Loreta Kongats, Algis Vaišnoras, Eglė Huminilowycz, Bernie Abromaitis, Tomas Dalinda, Martin Sneep, Dana Gudelis, Aušra Angermann, Al Ratavičius and family, Julia Jia, Daiva Shem-Tov, Rimas Kaknevičius, Ramona Keveža, the Rautinš family, Živilė and Brian Cullimore, the Bušinskas family, Virginia Puzeris, Edward Bekeris, Julia Yčas, Paul Bekeris, Genutė Kobelskienė, Zita Bersėnas-Cers, Sigita Balzekas, Gražina Laurinaitis, Ilona Stanaitis, Larissa Novak, Victor Remesat, the Putrimas family, Irena Žemaitis, Diana Harvey.

Thank you to everyone who donated anonymously, and anyone who has supported us in any way in our fight against COVID-19. Your help has been invaluable.

The Labdara Foundation Board conducts its monthly meetings online to discuss support strategies for the residents and workers at Labdara. The annual general meeting has been postponed, and its date will be announced at a later time. Please be sure to check the Labdara website.

At the March board meeting it was announced that the Ontario Ministry of Health will give additional funds to nursing homes to help compensate for extra expenses incurred for measures used in the prevention of COVID-19.

With the assistance of Ed Kurak, the Board has created a thank-you video, which was shown on Mother‘s Day, to express our thanks to the members of Labdara‘s administration and staff for their dedication.

The week of May 11 is National Nurses Week. The Board presented staff with hand disinfectant to thank them for their front-line work in the fight against COVID-19.

Thank you to everyone who cares about Labdara. Together we can help each other cope with life in these difficult times.

Labdara Foundation Board of Directors