Has It Only Been Three Decades?

Internet in Lithuania Marks 30th Anniversary

The existence of the internet in Lithuania dates from October 10, 1991, when the Lithuanian Research and Education Network (LITNET) began its work connecting computer networks of various research, study and education institutions. Once telecommunication equipment was installed on the Parliament buildings, the country was able to join the world-wide net independently for the first time. Start-up took only three months, with financial support from Scandinavia. In the West, the internet came into common usage in 1990. At that time all of Lithuania’s communication with the world was channelled through Moscow.

The first to connect with the LITNET system were the Institute of Mathematics and Technology, Kaunas Technological University and the University of Vilnius. By 1993, 17 institutions of higher learning and 60 government and non-profit organizations were able to use electronic mail and other services. LITNET laid the foundation of the internet in Lithuania today.

The founder of LITNET, Prof. Adolfas Laimutis Telksnys of Vilnius University, remembers that the length of time it took to send the first black and white photo to Lithuania from Oslo, Sweden, in January, 1992, was two hours. Today of course the exchange takes only seconds, and with improvement in communications, films and other large data will also be transferable in a very short time as well. The professor also commented on the possibilities which will be enabled by 5G technology, and Munich Technical University in Germany is already researching applications of 6G technology.

An anniversary celebration of the independent internet in Lithuania is being held on October 13 at Vilnius University, with addresses by university Chancellor Prof. Rimvydas Petrauskas, Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Sports Gintautas Jakštas and Prof. Telksnys.

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