Ethno-Tourism in Lithuania


A New Twist on Travel

Most of us have heard of eco-tourism, but in Lithuania, ethnocultural tourism is becoming popular as well. What a great way to learn more about Lithuania and its regions during a vacation to the homeland!

This year, for the third time, a competition of Ethnocultural Rural Farms took place to promote ethnic cultural and national heritage through architecture, traditional crafts, national animal and plant species, ethnocultural lore, customs and sustainable living.

The winners were announced at the end of the summer season. First place was taken by a farm in Šalčininkai (“Po vienu rūmu”) representing the Dzūkija region, second was “Suvalkiečio sodyba” in the Šakiai area, typical of the Sūduva region. Second place was shared with an ethnographic farm “Bilionai”, representing Žemaitija region in Šilalė, and third was “Ėvė” farm in the Šilutė area, typical of Lithuania Minor.

Special mention was awarded to five farms in other areas, including “Laumės sodyba” in Joniškis area, noted as the best ethnocultural farm in Aukštaitija.

The winning farms are certified as ethnocultural farms by the Ethnic Cultural Preservation Council together with the Lithuanian Rural Tourism Association,  the Ministry of Agriculture and the Tourism Marketing Association TURA.