Cyber-Help for Ukraine

Lithuanian military and cyber security (associative) / Ieva Budzeikaitė/Lithuanian MoD

On January 17 Vice Minister of National Defence Margiris Abukevičius discussed the cyber-attacks on Ukraine’s government agencies late last week with Deputy Minister of Defence on Digital Development, Digital Transformation and Digitalisation of Ukraine Oleg Gaiduk. Vice Minister Abukevičius expressed solidarity and support to Ukraine against the backdrop of those events and mounting Russian pressure through cybersecurity, and reiterated Lithuania’s support and assistance in Ukraine’s efforts to strengthen the resilience against such attacks.

The Vice Ministers also discussed the possibility of deploying the Lithuanian-led multinational Cyber Rapid Response Team formed in 2019 so that it could assist Ukraine with managing the cyber-attacks. “We find it necessary to show solidarity and support to Ukraine, while the CRRT deployment whenever required is one of the specifications of this Lithuanian-led international project,” said Abukevičius.

The high-readiness EU Cyber Rapid Response Team is on a constant standby and ready to deploy at once as soon as there is a concrete agreement on rendering assistance. The current multinational CRRT rotation is formed by cybersecurity experts from Lithuania, Poland, the Netherlands, Romania, Croatia and Estonia. Aside from other assignments, the CRRT can be deployed to respond to a large-scale cybersecurity, or in support of defence of the EU authorities if necessary. Formation of actually functioning multinational capabilities was initiated by Lithuania, the force has been created within a short time and on standby successfully for several years now.

The Vice Ministers also addressed the opportunities to strengthen cooperation through the Regional Cyber Defence Centre in Kaunas opened last summer. Manned by cybersecurity experts from Lithuania, United States, Georgia and Ukraine, it contributes to cyber security of critical state infrastructure in the region.

Lithuania has been actively supporting Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity since the beginning of the Russian aggression in 2014. Lithuania is rendering every legally permitted assistance, including military, as well as military training and mentoring, joint exercises, medical services to Ukrainian injured troops.

E-letter text: Lithuanian-led Cyber-Response team to help Ukraine